Hello Classy People,

Whoever craves authentic cupcakes in Morocco drives to Casablanca and gets them from J’adore Cake Boutique.
The Mirpuri family decided to introduce American desserts nearly a decade ago to a culture where the only dominant foreign pastry is the French one.

Running it from an apartment before opening a physical store, women of the Mirpuri family believe that cakes and sweet treats help make any occasion special, so they love being a part of creating memories.

J’adore Cake Boutique has a delicious menu full of choices, but people are specifically addicted to two flavors.
The Red Velvet is a classic American flavor, famous for a light red sponge cake filled with an original rich cream cheese frosting.
The Choco Crunchy Praline is an invention of the J’adore Cake Boutique based on the American cake. Customized by the clients’ appetites, the recipe results in a soft chocolate cake layered with praline for a crispy crunch touch and a J’adore Cake Boutique’s chocolate ganache plus a layer of homemade caramel.

The founders of J’adore Cake Boutique insist on the Fait Maison effect on the cakes. The cupcakes are so not industrial that people can spot their perfect imperfections, from the nonidentical sizes to the shape of the cream on top.

From cupcakes to cakes, the founders maintain the American culture through its recipes without ignoring the food trends adopted by Moroccans.
In a world saturated with processed food, J’adore Cake Boutique incorporates healthier options into the menu to support healthier living by having vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free cakes.

The minimalist sweet decoration is not the only point that distinguishes J’adore Cake Boutique from other pastries shops. They are strict on using fresh ingredients, no conservatives, and homemade recipes without freezing anything!
In addition to American sweet treats, J’adore Cake Boutique recently launched homemade doughnuts, and people’s satisfaction is at its highest.

As with each decent activity, J’adore Cake Boutique ensures the contribution of its benefits to grow social work in Morocco by donating cakes to orphanages and children’s institutions of different specialties to celebrate kids’ birthdays and remind them that they are not alone.

People living outside of Casablanca are asking for the opening of the J’adore Cake Boutique in their cities, but no plans are official. The team is always open to new opportunities, so we’ll impatiently see what will happen shortly!


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