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One of the skin’s nightmares is ACNE. A villain skin disease that comes in many forms, and can take years of treatments.
Looking at daily posts from the beauty industry, only a few people succeed in overcoming their skin’s insecurities.


Acne is not a rare condition, it touches almost every person living on earth. Yet, people tend to hide it with foundation makeup instead of accepting its existence and start treating it.


Classy Addiction spotted Joanna Kenny on social media, and we love her way of spreading awareness about the subject. She has created a non-profit acne journal entitled LOVE YOUR SKIN (LYS), to touch people who share the same journey.

Joanna has always been open about her acne while posting her pictures and wants her community to share the same comfort while doing it.


 » When you are brave, you empower others around you to be brave too. »: was the caption of Joanna’s first post on Instagram. She has chosen a name to start her adventure in 2017, which is BEAUTIFUL BY BREAKFAST.

The word beautiful is never associated with a skin that suffers from a breakout, so the majority of people who suffer from acne are touched psychologically. Joanna didn’t miss supporting the knowledge concerning mental illness, which encourages her to share a bit of her personal story in every post.



Joanna is not crying over her situation, but she is treating it and taking care of her skin calmly. She sees beauty in her progress over the years and wants people to embrace that strength too.



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