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Traveling alone has never been an issue for some, while it’s a big deal for others. Fear, anxiety, and other mixed feelings invade a person’s mind while planning the next trip, therefore it’s always reassuring to hear out other’s stories.


The Savannah has always been generous when it comes to sharing useful knowledge. She talks out of her personal experiences, and would not dare to share uncertain pieces of information. She is the type of traveler who likes to be social and create new connections, so she describes the definition of her enrichment.

People have always been curious about The Savannah’s trips, especially Moroccans, who share the same interest or are just wondering.
The questions people direct to her, are most of the time the same, suddenly, her trip to India has provoked different interrogations.

The Savannah has responded while she was in India with a Youtube video explaining her perspective of traveling alone, and then she has lately dedicated her Instagram stories for particular responses.

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean feeling lonely, has stated The Savannah while talking about her solo trips.
She has never imagined falling deeply in love with India. She went to spend a month, and then she ended up staying for three months because she couldn’t get enough discovering about a new world.

The Savannah affirmed that whatever speculations people have about the lack of security in India must calm down. She felt secure, welcome, and home, which pushes her to encourage people to travel to India.


The Savannah has discussed some pointers that we find very serviceable, and we couldn’t miss sharing them with you:

You have to try to blend in whenever you visit a country. Looking and acting like a typical tourist will not help you learn about the country intimately.
The Savannah advises you to avoid attracting unnecessary attention and to respect the environment.

Whatever place you want to stay in, you must always read people’s reviews online.
The Savannah explains that she doesn’t choose to spend crazy money on luxurious hotels, and she doesn’t also want to stay in unpleasant places, so most of the time use Airbnb.
She favors to look up at the SUPER HOSTS profiles because they are trustful and have a good reputation.

The law of attraction works when you use it properly. The Savannah reveals that she always tries to think positively to attract positive, and in this way she enjoys her stay wherever she is.
It’s always the matter of a few days or a few weeks so it’s a waste to not enjoy to the fullest and allow the entrance of drama and sadness.


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