Greetings Classy People,

#BLACKLIVESMATTER is still trending on social media, occupying worldwide news, and making protesters stand shoulder to shoulder with police officers for a better tomorrow.

From all people who are taking different positions regarding the situation, the majority are working for the cause.
It is apparent that nearly all accounts on social media are sharing a black picture with an anti-racism caption, but the question is: HOW MANY OF THEM ARE REFLECTING THIS VIBE IN REAL LIFE?

Model Lameka Fox has also questions that are quite similar, popping into her head, and it’s through commenting on a Victoria Secret’s post that she expresses them.



« With all due respect I cherish and value my time working with your company and what it has done for my career but there’s a bigger picture you aren’t addressing with this post.
In order to change the narrative that has been broadcasted of your company, there are major changes need to be made internally. Diversity is needed and it doesn’t mean hiring models of color like myself for a fashion show or a photo shoot. It means hiring people of color, black people, within your company on a corporate level.
Creating opportunities for those you simply haven’t.
How many photographers, makeup artists, production members, stylists, casting directors, creative-art directors are black or of color?
I can name a few during my time shooting but not enough.
And it’s not about qualifications there are many talented people who are available for the job.
This is how you make change.
This is where it starts.
If diversity is what you wish to achieve please do so on all levels.
My intention of writing this isn’t out of anger or disrespect it’s out of love and hope for change.
I can only hope that I can begin with a company I spent time, energy, and hard work to present the best version of myself in order be in your campaigns or walk your runway now I hope you can match that energy. »



We love Lameka’s courage and will towards change, it’s not about partial engagement, but it’s all about profound actions.
How many people say that they are not racist, and still didn’t spread awareness during this wave of anti-racism?

Documented changes and written promises are what people are seeking, and they will not stop until reaching such a goal.

Lameka is an example each person must look up to because acting the way she did is what’s moving more individuals and companies.



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