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Brave are the ones who defend their childhood dreams while being adults, and beautiful are families who stand by each other to be the origin of meaningful businesses.
Salim and Younes are two brothers who absorbed the passion for cars from their father, Moroccan collector Mr. Omar Bekkari, and they sculped it to LE DOMAINE DU RETRO.

Le Domaine Du Retro is a place that welcomes cars with history, charisma, and personality.

You’ll drive a few minutes from Marrakech for some quality time discovering and exploring one of the unique elements of Moroccan history.
A private open-air museum is full of beautiful aesthetics. From the graffiti on the walls to the exposed vintage cars, you’ll time-travel to an era of glory.

Le Domaine Du Retro’s exhibition is a window to introduce classic and sports cars from international dealers such as PorscheMercedes, and many others but with Moroccan registration plates.

Each car has a story within its history, which is one reason attracting international entertainment industries.
Monica Bellucci is one name among the list of celebrities who fall in love with retro cars and used them in their work, whether it’s for a movie, a photoshoot, or a music video clip.

Le Domaine Du Rétro also opens its doors to whatever marvelous car with hard times to know better days, which means a service of CARS RESTORATION.

Besides this incredible project where people can book to tour and visit the vintage cars museum and restore their cars in professional workshops, Le Domaine Du Retro expands its services through LEAD EVENTS to help people create a complete retro ambiance.

LEAD EVENTS is not only allowing you to rent one of the priceless cars exposed in Le Domaine Du Rétro, but it also grants you the chance to drive them. Therefore, from weddings to birthdays, more than forty vintage cars are available to highlight your private and public ceremonies.

My experience with Le Domaine Du Rétro is one of the most influential ones of the Marrakech journey, so we are excited to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to discover more.

« While I was working on this article, Salim and Younes’s father has passed away, so it’s with a heart full of emotions that I’m working on the content related to Le Domaine Du Rétro right now.
My condolences to the Bekkari family. »


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