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Dried flowers are introduced increasingly as an indispensable piece of decoration in Morocco. Yousra felt an air of deity while falling in love with the dried flowers bouquets decorating the restaurant’s tables when enjoying a meal in Agafay.

She contemplated the bouquets agreeably centered at each table at that restaurant, trying to save that image in the deepest sides of her memory. Yousra records the types of flowers and the compositions of the bouquets in her mind so she would try to recreate similar pieces at home. It only took her a short stay in Agafay to create a passion that will pivot into a business Le Temps Des Fleurs.

Le Temps Des Fleurs introduces dried flowers to Moroccan homes because they are natural, retain all the beauty of the fresh ones, and last longer.
People don’t need to water dried flowers, says Yousra, so no daily maintenance is required. They only need to put them in a vase and place them away from the sun so their colors would not fade.

Speaking of vases, Yousra mentions that she hasn’t a style, in particular, to recommend, except that she requests that the opening of any vase must allow the composition to remain stable inside.
Despite Yousra’s flexibility in recommending vases, her heart beats faster for ceramic ones. She even started to work with Moroccan potters and ceramists to create some after drawing the models.

The main code for creating a harmonious bouquet is to start from the shape of the first flower. Yousra, driven by the movement of the flower, imagines telling a story, then chooses a well-blended palette of colors and tries as much as possible to adapt the composition to the environment in which the bouquet will be.
All tastes are in nature!
Le Temps Des Fleurs has a wide variety of flowers and colors. Clients choose a composition from the catalog, but they will often ask to customize it according to their interiors.

Moroccans also shop from Le Temps Des Fleurs because they want to donate to developing social work in Morocco.
Yousra explains that she is in contact with foundations to train young people from underprivileged neighborhoods as florists and other related professions in decoration.


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