Greetings Classy People,

THE BACHELOR has indeed been one of the « classiest » reality tv shows of all time. Selecting a profile with the potential to look good in a suit and to talk gently to a woman, has most of the time, been a success.
THE BACHELORETTE started years later when women around the world became bolder in public and the center of attention regarding media.



The concept is about the selected profile finding love and choosing to celebrate the union with wedding bells. Some people had an excellent experience and could successfully live together and start a family, while others considered the experience as a bridge for more fame.

We are discussing one of the most-watched Tv shows in the United States and worldwide until a new show has appeared on the surface of people’s screens.



It’s hard to believe that LOVE ISLAND has started more than ten years ago, and it is only now that its popularity is climbing solid stairs. This British reality Tv Show has quickly reached international audiences because of its American and French versions.

People were skeptical at first due to the cheap reputations of lots of reality tv shows and defended THE BACHELOR for being the only show TO HELP FIND LOVE.
The moment some people opened up and watched LOVE ISLAND, they couldn’t resist sharing the awesomeness of the show.


The concept is to gather single women and men to couple up under the circumstances of THE VILLA. Each person must stay reliable and honest, which means not to stay in a couple if no feelings are involved.
The public votes for its favorite couple through the episodes, and watchs how some crazy love stories are born due to physical compatibility.


The international audience has leaned more towards LOVE ISLAND than THE BACHELOR. Especially this year because Peter Weber has been a disaster.
People are no longer hypnotized by accepting the concept of a man telling five women that he is in love with them, while on the other hand, they have FINN who slept outdoor with bugs out of respect for Paige.

LOVE ISLAND progress will affect THE BACHELOR. So, will we see new efforts to develop the concept or will everything take an unexpected turn?



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