Bonsoir Classy People,

Marrakech nightlife, was it meant to remain the same?

I’m not a party animal but partied more than the average when I was 18. Curiosity was the number one motivation, to see what made many youngsters jump off their balcony at midnight, lie that they are spending the night at their friend’s house or slipping sleeping pills into their parent’s dinner drinks.

Went out a lot during my first year of university in Cyprus and had to carry on the fever when I came back to Marrakech during summer, so I could compare and confirm the similarities:  Same different types of people, same music vibes and same tiredness at the end.

We decided to go out last Saturday night, to see what changed since 2010?…

People get their looks on fleek and show up as a group, as hunters or as couples, and I’m observing…

People who chose the group of friend’s mode are having fun, know that this is also my favorite option! Enjoying the night while partying with a group of friends is creating a world within where we are and switching the public party to a private one.

People who choose to be hunters are the most boring and desperate in my eyes, they are missing the whole point of partying and having fun! Hunters will keep staring the whole night for a prey, and men look much weaker than women in this game. I observed both of them and saw that a man is less selective than a woman, and will choose to step out with anybody so his hunting title wouldn’t be a waste.

People who choose to come with their soulmates are very entertaining! You can see that the majority are present to show off more than to enjoy. Most of them are good looking and well dressed, exactly like the bride and her groom at their wedding, they are kissing more than dancing and they leave the party first.

Long story short, nothing changed in 7 years…

Marrakech nightlife is still the same, an environment that makes me smile because it inspires me to write stories and reminds me that I’m not attracted to the point of addiction.

Cheers to going out at 11 pm, to start Saturday night in a spot and visit several later, cheers to the city lights, cheers to the music, cheers to coming back home at 5 am, but it’s once in a while journey because believe it or not I found it kind of boring …






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