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« I was very surprised by the desire held by Moroccan mums to discover my concept. Several moms came to me to find out more, to know when it will start, how are my sessions, and several other questions…
I was even asked if we could involve the dads in the sessions which I found phenomenal! Moroccan moms, today, want to stay active while having their baby by their side. »


This is how Ghita opened up to explain the excitement behind her new project. I was happy to know that she has been preparing herself for months to touch a side that she has never experienced before.
Hearing her talking about the number of Moroccan women welcoming such a concept wasn’t surprising because it’s in Marrakech.
Marrakech is one of the most liberal cities in Morocco, so the mentality of people living in it is not too complex, but I was still curious about how would Ghita address women who will hesitate and maybe influence others to not dare to join.

 » Your body has endured a lot of hardships, carrying life is not an easy thing. For my part, I was very fascinated by my body and everything he was able to accomplish, I congratulate it!!
I had a few extra pounds, my belly skin softened, my muscle disappeared and I told myself that it’s not questionable of letting this body that gave me so much, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE who is my son, go out little by little. So doing sports with my baby was the ideal combination for me. Don’t hesitate because your body deserves to be congratulated and respected. »

I found every sentence beautiful, and I can’t see why any woman would not join after such an inspiring statement!


The concept is created by Ghita the moment she became pregnant. Being a mom for the first time during the lockdown has allowed her to focus on her pregnancy.
She has consulted books, read experiences of different moms, and gave all her time to listen to her body for months.
Whether it’s her style of dressing, her food, or her physical activity, she was able to adopt the lifestyle of a satisfied mom.

« Stroller strides are a moment of escape while staying in a bubble mom-baby, it’s a real-time exchange and meeting between moms. Often when you become a new mom you are lost and disoriented, meeting moms in the same case is very reassuring. Stroller strides are to make one stone two shots, I would even say several shots 😁, more pretext for women to do sport with their babies to lose their pregnancy weight, meet other moms, and create a strong human bond. The clothing part of my concept fulfills the desires and dreams of any pregnant woman. We often say that the pregnant woman has special desires, so the clothes I suggest are here to satisfy.
Our team researches and makes several proposals until each woman finds her pleasure in whatever she wears. Our favorite piece is the one that pleases several women which is the OVERALLS! « 

After so much effort in her well-being during her pregnancy, Ghita gave birth last summer and began a new chapter, which is the challenge of maintaining her well-being while taking care of her baby.

« Meetings are very precious to me, I like to deliver the clothing orders to my clients myself so seeing women with their beautiful well-rounded bellies touches me and reminds me of my pregnancy.
I must also add that seeing them again, at the STROLLER STRIDES makes my days so incredible, which pushes me to work even more. »

A woman’s life touches on change when she becomes a mother, but it is up to each woman to define the degree and direction of such a change, this is what I globally understood from my conversations with Ghita.
She decides to share her feelings and energy with other women, starting with partnering with one of her friends to provide the most stylish maternity clothes and creating the first STROLLER STRIDES in Morocco, I’m so proud of her!


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