Hello Classy People,

Ultimate gratitude for the light, the source behind the palette of various colors. The absence of light can indicate the death of colors, but black is immortal.
Colors are a philosophical mystery, their existence depends on each human’s eye, and their successful marriages are between the hands of artist vow masters.

I love craziness when it comes to styling, but I try to stay extremely careful when it comes to putting colors together. Apart from each artist’s efforts, each color is famous for suiting another one.
Colors’ love stories might be renewable with time, but classics remain very romantic.



The most powerful couple of the palette indicates love at first sight and happily married. Wearing these two colors is a safe choice, they will behave appropriately in all occasions. From a casual style to a classy ball, no one is never overdressed or underdressed with black and white.



The sexy couple. These two colors possess an intensely strong relationship. It feels like they make love each time they see each other, and they passionately attract all the attention. I find their presence more valuable while wearing them at night.



Freshness and cuteness overall, it reminds me of the love between the sun and the ocean. Each one is more beautiful with the presence of the other, by creating a harmonious contrast. Opposites attract describes blue and yellow, so show them off through wearing them during the day.



This color loves being single, and always looks its best when it is alone! A beautiful color that owns many shades, each one of them charms more than the other. A color to be worn while the day and night without risks, it is versatile.


The masculine and feminine sides are very distinguished in this couple. Soft and firm at the same time, they are warm lovers. These two colors are made for each other, and wearing them is defending one of the greatest unions of the palette. Day time colors for sure.



Dangerous as the forbidden apple, it is an influential shade of the sexy red. It’s sharp, independent, and can only fall in love with few colors. This color is born to be worn at night, so embrace its beauty and depth.



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