Hello Classy People,

Coronavirus’s situation might have deprived us of Fashion Week and shopping plans, but online shopping is very active, so each person is adopting new trends.
Improving your style is a daily work, so the Fashion industry is making sure to serve the necessary choices.

Winter 2021 is colder than everyone’s expectations because the ozone layer is closed, and the snow is inviting itself to planet earth again.
Seasons will be back as years ago, so fill up your closet with some warm clothes because those light ones will only serve you during summer.

In today’s article, we celebrate both women and men, so embrace this type of piece and keep it in mind because it can serve you in a few weeks during Valentine’s day.


A coat was the essential piece of a winter outfit for the past few years, so it was all about the longer is the coat, the more stylish is the look.
The color of the coat mattered six years ago, so the Fashion trend was turning around shades of BEIGE and NUDE colors. Therefore the CAMEL COAT was the ultimate winter Fashion piece of a woman’s closet.
In 2019, the color wasn’t that important, but women chose to be flashy with PINK, PASTEL COLORS, and YELLOW coats.
In 2021, a COAT is also a DRESS!
Coats are in different beautiful shapes where they are tight at the waist and loose and the end.


After years of bomber jackets, it’s nice to see a classy touch taking over the men’s styling game.
Men’s Fashion has been sport and casual oriented for quite a long time. From hoodies to denim, we could barely spot a classy piece while shopping.
A trench coat is classy and fits all body shapes, so don’t forget to serve yourself to try on when having the chance.
The trendiest trench coat of the 2021 winter season is limited in colors, so here are the ones to pick: Black, Military Green, and Camel Beige.



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