Greetings Classy People

Sparkling for three new year’s eve in a row, since shimmery items are the top Fashion trends on many brands list, why not surrounder?

Even tho, many brands are using other fabrics to produce their New Year collection, shimmery ones keep winning popularity among consumers.

Sparkly outfits don’t fit all occasions. We might even state that they only exist massively during the HOLIDAY SEASON. A challenging look is never dared by the majority, but December magically places it in your closet!



A sparkly grey top with high waisted black pants were my selections for my 2018 new year’s eve look. The top was simply an item that I felt for while shopping, and then it happened to be worthy.



A sparkly black dress for 2019 new year’s eve! I would rarely step outside my comfort zone in the past, so I didn’t make efforts to wear dresses during wintertime. It was one of my best decisions because this particular look inspired me to apply astounding makeup.



A sparkly jumpsuit with black and grey patterns for 2020 new year’s eve! I have realized that I didn’t wear many jumpsuits during 2019, it felt like I almost forgot how much i love them! It was a comfy chic choice that allowed me to dance effortlessly.



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