Hello Classy People,

It has been a long time that we haven’t seen a trend hitting this hard. Minimalism doesn’t only touch clothing styles, but it also fully enters interior designs and decorations.

We are totally in love with the concept. It is luminous and pure, but it looks endless, which might provoke a lack of creativity. In Europe, for instance, each apartment’s interior looks like the other because of minimalist vibes.


A minimalist interior is releasable with a small budget, a nearly impossible thing with other styles. It is practical because it doesn’t occupy too much space, and famous because it’s appreciatable by several celebrities.

Classy Addiction is sharing the ultimate inestimable list to share minimal knowledge about minimalism. Who knows? You might be the next one changing your space of living!


The walls can only be painted in bright colors. Some pastel colors can be tolerable, but white and cream are the top choices. Wallpaper is not appreciated in the world of minimalism, so you better give up any idea related to patterns.


AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE! The entire minimalism fever stands on the little the better, which means having two chairs, instead of a set of ten.
The few items you will place are not supposed to be just a thing, you must choose pieces of ART. The design of your furniture should be unique and different from traditional ones.


Minimalism loves integrating plants in its interiors. From jars of plants to photography on the wall, the green of the plants is the only color that can be standing out from the rest.
It is also clear that the two popular types of plants of the minimalism style are Strelitzia Nicolai and Areca Palm.









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