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Serene is a calm soul full of love and faith. The lockdown has been a harsh decision for the entire world because it’s a surprise break to one’s lifestyle and a brake to everyone’s planning, but some Moroccan women reflected the best attitude towards it.

From exchanging phone calls and emails, they have decided to spread serenity online through Yoga videos.
Whether they are in quarantine inside or outside Morocco, they have joined hands to celebrate the moment.


Click on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 to watch the video.


Despite our plans for the future, the universe has displayed its forces to change them all.
It’s a precious time to exist and to embrace the present. It is only under such challenging circumstances that we can pay attention to simple details and shower our spirit with gratitude.



#AllInOneChallenge is the hashtag used by these beautiful Moroccan women who were thoughtful enough to stand together peacefully despite the social distancing.
It’s appeasing to see them practicing Yoga at home and inviting you to try the same.

We love every detail about the video and the intentions behind it. We shall all pray, meditate, and connect with our being to overcome fear and panic.


Image Courtesy : Simo Drissi

 » (…)My reading of the Coronavirus led me to the following reflection: Corona brings back to the crown, the coronal chakra seat of the infinity of spirituality and to the divine supreme force that exceeds us.
In reading the word virus in the opposite direction, one reads SURVI, which means survival in French.
So the message is:
If you want to survive today in the sense of living, to live even better, lay your crown on your head and allow him to raise you and enlighten you with the heavenly voice towards HIM HOWA THE DIVIN(…). »

Saloua Hachami


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