Hello Classy People,

My Model today is the sweet GHITA, who works all day long in a field full of action. A sound Ingenieur who chose to work in films doesn’t stop running and doesn’t get enough sleep. Ghita and I arranged this photoshoot to highlight her beauty in a peaceful environment.

My vision was to place Ghita as the center of attention, to surround her with colors or brightness. Moreover, to include her in an artistic ambiance.


« The first thing to know is that Meriem is a very close friend before being my photographer, which made it much easier for me to be in front of the camera. Usually, I do not like to be seen because my job in the cinema industry made me used to be behind the camera. Meriem has managed to direct me (pose, attitude, emotion …), she can frame her photo to highlight her vision and her composition. Sensitivity is a difficult quality to own, but it helps a lot when you have an artistic passion. Meriem owns it and knows very well how to transmit it to her model. All these elements allowed me to trust this brilliant photographer and to never worry about my shyness in front of the lens. »


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