Hello Classy People,

A breeze of colors while walking or when looking from a car’s window can’t leave you apathetic.
Driving our attention near Art has been a refreshing escape during the past months because our eyes didn’t have many choices. Between Coronavirus news on TV, on the phone, and billboards of the street, our brains were saturated.

Skipping the depressive reality towards a beautiful one is what keeps us balanced and capable of accepting diverse news.
Mourad Rachendali is one of the several Moroccan street artists who have emerged with the millennium’s wave. Talented and on good terms with their imagination, street artists, especially graffiti ones, don’t bear limiting their creative energy.



The walls of the streets are their canvas, and their will is their ultimate motivation, these artists take the initiative to decorate Moroccan streets, which can’t be anything but lovely.

Each artist’s work is different, and Mourad’s projects, stand out because of their present Moroccan identity.
His artistic work is portraying real people of the city, whoever his eyes see as a notable character who contributes to the nationality of the place.

Art is what changes a bland life to a colorful one, so make sure to appreciate it whenever you see it.



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