Hello Classy People,

One of the most precious moments I knew was the moment I got to introduce my song « Hidden Love » to more than 2000 people.

Way back in 2011, we recorded  » Hidden Love  » with Nigerian Rapper OG, the song that was so well welcomed to the point we were called to perform it at the Spring Festival.


Before walking to the stage, I started asking people around me a billion questions. Most of them made no sense, but I guess it was a way to get rid of the stress!
Once I got on stage, I didn’t care about finding my answers, I just started singing.
I’m glad that OG is part of the song because he has a very calm temper and believes All Is Well.
At the beginning of any performance, he would always say: Everything will be just AMAZING!



FASHION SIDE: My look is never decided the day of my performance! Everything should be ready before!
I picked this dress because I didn’t like it AT ALL, but I wanted to practice a Tyra Banks homework when she explains that the Model must manage to make the dress look nice.
I wore the dress and tried to apply a suitable makeup, to add accessories, and show up confident.



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