Greetings Classy People,

Healthy ingredients wrapped in sustainable packaging and preserved decently at an affordable price are undoubtedly reasons to make Nature Hood ahead of other brands available on the Moroccan market today.

Sarah Bennani affirms losing 37kg as part of working on herself to feel better by introducing healthy ingredients into her body. She has been studying abroad and sharing her journey with her family, which means contagious positive energy.
Grocery shopping in Morocco, her mother, couldn’t find the majority of the ingredients used by Sarah, so she would ask her to bring them with her while coming to visit home.
After graduation, Sarah takes the decision to launch Nature Hood because she saw many other Moroccans, just like her mother, seeking to buy healthy ingredients but finding themselves stuck between the unsatisfying choices on the market’s shelves.

Moroccan food has unprocessed ingredients such as olive oil, fresh fruits, and vegetables. But on the other hand, the adapted nutrition by Moroccans isn’t that bright because of the excessive consumption of wheat flour, sugar, and processed food.
Sarah states that she hasn’t collaborated with nutritionists. However, she welcomes the idea because Nature Hood is born from a weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey.

Most Moroccans face chronic diseases in their fifties plus because of what and how they ate during the years before. The majority don’t even bother to read the ingredients of products they buy at the market!
Introducing unhealthy ingredients to our bodies every day is a straight line toward uncomfortable living, so we shall understand prevention is better than cure.

Sarah makes sure to stay connected on social media with consumers of Nature Hood. She feels elated when she sees healthy ingredients impact on people.
Sarah collects each ingredient during its season and environment because freshness is a non-negotiable point.

People have been actively ordering different products from Nature Hood, but Sarah has noticed some preferences.
Tummy Bliss, Dark Chocolate, Matcha powder, and Cacao powder are at the top of the sales chart.

We are currently in the middle of Ramadan, so Moroccans have embraced the tradition to eat too many recipes for the iftar table, dinner at midnight, and then Sahur before sunrise, which are unhealthy behaviors. Therefore Sarah’s suggestions are to drink tea for hydration, a square of dark chocolate, a bowl of barley porridge, and hemp seeds for an extra protein intake.


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