Hello Classy People,

Besides technical knowledge, photographs arise with exciting compositions. Studying and practicing photography will probably help you take correct pictures, but dreamy results can only be produced by artistic souls.

Nima Benati is the living proof of the artistic photographer. She mainly displays her work in social media and takes care of fashion campaigns.
Not only her work with fashion designers and her creative talent in photography that drew our attention, but also the fact of being her model sometimes.

Nima tends to be the subject of her photographs, which gives her activity a whole different perspective than a traditional photographer.
Young is how several magazines such as Forbes describe her, but a talent like Nima is not qualified by age.
Young might be a catching adjective that fascinates a group of people when it describes an extraordinary talent, but the truth is that such skills are innate.

Nima is born in Italy, one of the countries that breast-feed art and creativity. Therefore, she has a rich artistic culture and a vibrate aesthetic soul.
She chiefly manages to stand out despite that some of her work reflects similarity with other trending visual content.

Numerous comments on the internet have been expressing their opinions about her extravagant editing and how her look on social media has been different than how she looks in real life.
We don’t think that the public should concentrate on how she edits her natural look or how she modifies it in her photographs, because she is free to enhance whatever she believes is the best image of her work.

As long as Nima is producing content under the name of art, she has no obligation to reflect reality. She shall follow wherever her imagination is guiding her and believe in the beauty held in her eyes.

Her allure reminds us of the legendary Monica Belluci, whom feminity and seduction are never missed.
Nima Benati is undoubtfully one standing figure of fashion and a revolution regarding the old generations who influenced photography.


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