Hello Classy People,

Misty Lagerfeld is how we knew her, Khaoula Hachcham had one of the most active profiles on Facebook among Moroccan Models.
She was posting regularly and had the smart strategy to put forward her professional life instead of her personal one.


We remember her because she has the X factor. She indeed walked in many fashion shows wearing traditional Moroccan dresses, but unlike other girls she explored FASHION.

Khaoula would not sit and wait for the next designer call, she would call her photographers friends and see what can they cook together. She used to have one of the best portfolios any Moroccan model in Morocco could have, and would of 100% been a TOP MODEL if the Fashion industry existed in Morocco.


Khaoula quickly understood that she could wear another piece from the closet of her talents, and that was the hat of a MAKEUP ARTIST.
She has started to invest in makeup tools and apply different looks on her friends, and then exercise professionally on other people.

Khaoula specialized in brides and created a Facebook page BRIDES BY MISTY where she shares her work.
After all this journey, rare are the people who know her for her modeling or makeup artist activities.


Khaoula Hachcham today is known as THE SAVANNAH, an Instagram influencer who mainly keeps her followers updated about her trips around the world.

Classy Addiction loves Khaoula’s style in introducing her content. She used to share her daily updates when she was on FITNESS BEAST MODE, and then whatever happens in life that she thinks worth sharing.



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