Hello Classy People,

Different statistics show that more than 80% of people hate what they are doing and are never passionate about it. Therefore knowing a person who belongs to the 20% left must be a celebration!

Rim Sayarh AKA GLAMBYRIM, is a young makeup artist who has always loved colors! She was 3 years old when she started to play with her sister’s makeup and loving everything related to it. Rim grew up in a family where beautiful women are not missed, so she learned the culture of always taking care of herself by being elegant. At 8 years old, she started to invest in buying her own products with her pocket money and watching different Youtubers in order to get more inspiration.


Rim began by being her own model and practiced applying makeup for an important period of time. She opened up to her elder sister Malak who was extremely happy discovering such a talent, and quickly thought about social media!

Rim was ready to share her Makeup ideas with the world, so she chose Instagram for that. People, especially young ones, were very receptive with her first videos.

Her success story started to inspire other girls in her age, and so was the blossoms of many collaborations.

The year of 2018 was revolutionary for Rim because SHOP HUDA BEAUTY owned by one of her favorite mentors Huda Kattan reposted one of her videos! A boost like this could only charge Rim’s batteries for more projects, so she started planning to launch her Youtube channel in 2019.

Today at only 13 years old, Rim is the youngest Moroccan makeup artist active on social media and requested by many people. It was surely one of the greatest pleasures to be one of her models, and this is how she chose to work on my facial features: CLICK HERE.

An artist in general, and a Makeup artist, in particular, doesn’t like to be interrupted by a talkative model while working! I gladly granted Rim the pass to apply whatever style she wanted on my face and I loved it. It was a new makeup style applied on my face, it was fun to see my beauty through Rim’s eyes.

Rim Sayarh is a rising star with the speed of a Rocket, so Huda Beauty / KKW Beauty / Fenty Beauty / Kylie Cosmetics / YAN & ONE would be lucky if they add her profile to their PR LISTS!


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