Hello Classy People,

People with knowledge and valuable content are getting popular more and more on social media. It is such a relief to see that the audience is finally interested in following credible profiles instead of some characters owning a camera.

From celebrities who jumped into launching makeup businesses to individuals who introduce themselves as makeup artists based on featuring makeup videos on Instagram, Robert Welsh is watching each step.


Robert Welsh is not only a makeup artist but a makeup professional, which means he doesn’t only know which product a person must use, but also the exact amount and the proper application.
He has been professionally practicing for over 12 years now, and he has always encouraged allowing makeup to reflect the face’s beauty instead of embracing Instagram hacks to change everything about facial features.


His YouTube entrance was needed, especially when the waves of digital content seems to be between the hands of incompetent individuals.
From Instagram influencers, you thought they are good with makeup because they are trending on social media to Beauty Youtubers you wished them doing makeup at your wedding, Robert Welsh unveils the veil to tell you everything you are missing.



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