Hello Classy People,
Dressing yourself up according to the catalog’s pictures is rarely a good idea. The Fashion industry seeks models to wear their items, the perfect way to make people want to buy clothes.

It’s lovely to discover new outfits through pictures, but one must be aware of what suits the body.
Choosing clothes to highlight your body shape in the best way possible is a nonnegligible option.
Classy Addiction will help you learn some basics to forget about clothes that might attract your attention, but would effortlessly destroy your look.



These types of items suit curvy bodies. It is preferable to avoid wearing them if you are skinny, and you have no volume in your breast and booty.


Thick and oversized bodies must avoid wearing fluffy items. Skinny bodies should wear as much of these as possible.


A fit body is the only one that can rock Loose or oversized items. When skinny bodies wear them, they look like moving hangers, and when oversized bodies wear them, they look like moving blankets.


Clothes with patterns are always risky, and each body shape has its enemy.

Oversize bodies hear that they must avoid wearing patterns, especially stripes. Understand that it all depends on the shape of your clothes.


Small waists are likely to rock high waisted items more than any other. If large waisted bodies want to create the hourglass effect, they must wear a loose top on a slinky bottom.









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