Hello Classy People,

Today’s style is one of the most popular summer styles, a non-bourgeois and yet a chic look. Bohemian style is all about your Gypsy side, from the accessories to the extra-large items.

Summer is the season when many people own more freedom vis-a-vis their dress code so dare the Gitano mood.

Esmeralda from le Bossu de Notre Dame always used to wear a bandana on her curly hair, so I thought to be more creative and wear a turban scarf on mine.

You can never be over-accessorized in a bohemian look, so dared to pick the most unusual accessories.






My white top is from men’s shopping section because Bohemian style rules are very flexible.

Here is what Shakira sang :

‘Cause I’m a gypsy

Are you coming with me?

I might steal your clothes

And wear them if they fit me’


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