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The demise of a talented person is always a huge loss, Bollywood and the world has been grieving over artist Sushant Singh Rajput, and it hasn’t been easy.

The actor was found dead at thirty-four years old by suicide, which makes it harder to accept for everyone. His family and friends devasted, and nearly all his colleagues showed compassion by sharing a post on social media.


After the unfortunate news confirmed by the media, people expressed sadness mixed with anger.
Bollywood fans from all over the world are outraged on how the majority of Bollywood celebrities only show solidarity on social media.
Sushant felt alone, pushed away, and not accepted among Bollywood, so people are not tolerating Bollywood celebrities sharing their care on social media while they weren’t around him in real-life.

Actress Kangana Ranaut came out in a video angry because of her conviction that injustice at work and rivalry are what caused Sushant’s death. She has always been open about nepotism and has stated the high level of fakeness and hypocrisy in the industry.
Following her, other profiles from Bollywood spoke up about the matter, and confirm the difficulties facing many, also called outsiders, while building a career in Bollywood.




The public is furious day after day because only a few celebrities have attended Sushnat’s funeral or spoke up openly about his state in Bollywood.
From the long list, we spotted the name of KARAN JOHAR trending, people on social media are blaming him for keeping uprising a group of actors, especially star kids instead of real talent. He is also accused of bullying « unfamous » Bollywood profiles on his show KOFEE WITH KARAN, especially Sushant, being brought up in questions but never invited to the show.


The public’s anger is also focusing on DEEPIKA and RANVEER because they alleged represent one of Sushant’s sufferance.
The public on social media is accusing Deepika of using Sushant’s dead to promote her LIVE LOVE LAUGH ASSOCIATION, created after she went through depression and Ranveer for signing films despite knowing that they were Sushant’s opportunities.



The anger has also shifted towards star kids, such as Alia and Sonam. Fans on social media are calling Alia lucky in Bollywood because she is part of Karan Johar’s gang, and also insensitive because of her answers on Sushant while she was at KOFFEE WITH KARAN.
Sonam has ended up turning off comments on social media because she is allegedly attacked by people, calling her names such as talentless, and hypocrite.

The public is blaming a list of names from Bollywood, and there is apparently a case opening legally to investigate in the matter.

The tension is rising regarding the situation to the degree of having manifestations in the street. Sushant Singh Rajput is such a bright star and was a unique artist, our condolences to his family and loved ones, may he rest in peace.



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