Morning Classy People,

We heard about a city that gives birth to artists almost every day, especially painters! We heard about a city that witnesses huge waves in its sea every once in a while! We heard about a city that I have visited 20 years ago…




Guided by the Artist Mister Moustapha Rami, SAFI looked so colorful! We stopped by the biggest TAJINE IN THE WORLD, a piece of art created years ago and still maintained by many people who love to see ART married to the city.

Artist Moustapha was one of the artists who took care of painting the Tajine, it took him 20 days of work in order to finish it on time so people can enjoy it. He also explained that Chef Abderrahim Bargache cooked a big meal in the Tajine, which was one of the dearest memories of SAFI.

There is always a table full of seafood served and a decorative piece of pottery created somewhere in Safi, so you just learned the two main wealth sources of the city. Modern art is also present: graffiti, for example, is applied almost on every wall.

24h is not enough to discover Safi city, but they are useful to spend a nice time. The rain didn’t stop SAFI from showing us its colors, and even the sky confirmed it with GORGEOUS 7 COLORS RAINBOW!


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