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It has been a rollercoaster everywhere in the world since the beginning of the year 2020, it’s one of the years of the rat, as the Chinese calendar states.
The year of the rat in the Chinese calendar symbolizes NEW BEGINNINGS, which means the renewal and the renaissance of several existing elements at the moment.

It might be a coincidence or not, but we can sense some accuracy in such definitions. Viruses, economic problems, fast deaths, racism, social inequality, violence, and injustice are not born today, they all exist at least a hundred years ago, but what makes them emerge on the surface right now?


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Each one will give reasons based on what their parents taught them, or related to their personal comfort, but the truth is a few will go further and try to invest time to look outside their box and deep into the situation.

A situation becomes famous when the majority is investing their energy into it, so it’s not about whether the topic is new or not, but it’s about if it’s reaching its peak.
When a topic reaches its peak, especially if it touches people from all over the world, it attracts massive energy, which can disturb some and benefits others.

Now, when something like this happens, the world knows a division in people’s opinions.
Observing several reactions for months regarding all the happening events, we held some conversations in Classy Addiction, and we concluded outstanding notes.


We spotted the I’M AWAKE people.
These kinds of people have a conviction that an evil power is controlling this world all the time, and whatever is trending is always a distraction from « real important » situations.
The I’M AWAKE people will most of the time use the expressions: You are a sheep because you follow / Open your eyes / They brainwashed you.
But mind you, the I’M AWAKE kind people who think about nature and humanity more than anyone else turns to little monsters when they see that more people are every day following beliefs different than theirs.
In case their « noble » causes don’t get the attention, they will invest all their time to teardown the else instead of focusing on promoting theirs.


We spotted the I’M WITH YOU BUT ON MY TERMS people.
These kinds of people are unfortunate because they are continually in a fight inside their bodies.
Everybody around them understands that they don’t agree on something, but nobody knows why they are regularly willing to suck people into their world.
They tend to teach people how to think and feel regarding their personal issues, which is insane!
Their mindset is exactly comparable to a human telling a Kangaroo how to give birth, further than that forcing the kangaroo to lay down on a hospital bed.
The I’M WITH YOU BUT ON MY TERMS people will most of the time use the expressions: I’m not racist, but you are black so you should talk about the issues in Africa instead of problems on other continents. All sorts of opinions that implies that their beliefs are the most reliable true ones for your problems.


We spotted the I’M SILENT people.
With all the damages a silent person can cause despite witnessing situations where speaking up is the ultimate need for happiness, they have our respect comparing to the previous profiles.
This kind is at least minding their own business, and not adding any tension.
Being silent is better than adding fuel to the fire.
The I’M SILENT people will most of the time use the expressions: I don’t want to be involved/ Leave me out of it.


We spotted the RIDE OR DIE people.
These kinds of people are severe extremists. They are close to their beliefs and will not compromise or share while conversing.
A great sense of irresponsibility and unhuman behaviors can appear from them.
They adopt the US against THEM mindset, and they will use all sets of provocative ways to turn up the heat between different people.
Their hearts are full of hate above any other feeling, and can even destroy their kids, for the sake of their thoughts.
The RIDE OR DIE people will most of the time use the expressions: We don’t care about you / We are the only ones worth it / Coronavirus doesn’t exist.


We spotted LET’S DO IT, people.
These kinds of people are willing to contribute to change in the most civilized and peaceful ways possible.
They participate in whatever seems to promote a positivity without reading too much into it because what matters to them is the good intentions they invest.
The LET’S DO IT people will most of the time use the expressions: Together we rise / Let’s uplift one another / Love diversity and respect difference.
Attracted to the bright side instead of futilities and details that can mislead, these kinds of people are open for discussions.



The world is not going through a critical time for the first time, so the present will eventually become history. Remember to think about the most affected people whenever a matter is on its peak because the world is not about one’s ego, and your logic can’t be a priority above one’s feelings.
Most of the time, you are not in the position to know what’s stable for others better than themselves.
When a person needs a hug, she/he doesn’t have the energy to elaborate on the causes or to listen to details of what’s right and wrong, in your opinion.
A large number of people need a hug right now, what’s wrong with giving it without compromising?











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