Hello Classy People,

Rare are people who remain insensitive to flowers. Marie believes humans love the ephemeral nature of a flower, its fragility, lightness, elegance, posture, color, and smell.
Life is always better with flowers. They generate a lot of emotions and keep us close to nature.

Attached to such beliefs, Marie was born in Normandy, raised in a small village surrounded by trees, and carried a love for nature since she was a kid, which led her to start working under the wings of Daniel Guittat in Paris.
She boosted her desire for knowledge to become a student at The School Of Florists Of Paris and stepped into expanding her professional experiences to work with the Arène’s team.

In Paris, these florist shops aim for a luxurious clientele, from affluent people to fashion and showbusiness.
After spending three years learning both theory and pratique, Marie initiates managing shops of Au Nom De La Rose to develop a sense of business, which led her path to Montréal.

In early 2000, Marie was in love with a Moroccan man. Therefore she carried her dreams into reality by finally opening her florist shop in Casablanca, entitled MARIE M.
She invested her time learning that flowers’ popularity in Morocco depends on the seasons and that Moroccans mainly buy flowers for engagements, weddings, and birthdays.

Adapting her European knowledge to the Moroccan culture could only open doors for her. Marie states that Morocco has allowed her to do events full of greatness that she would never have had the opportunity to do in France.
Marie embraces the florist she is, from making the little bouquet to decorating the gigantic event.

Hundreds of Moroccan florists grew under her wings to become floral shop owners in different cities. Gratifying Morocco for being a blessing, Marie decides to share her floral knowledge with Moroccans who expect to work as a florist. She offers her teaching services as a social contribution to developing the job market in Morocco.

Marie says that she takes great pleasure in sharing her passion on social media. It amuses her to take beautiful photos of her prettiest flowers or her most beautiful events. Thanks to this, many people discover the backstage of a florist who supplies events all over Morocco.



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