Hello Classy People,

Whenever the audience thinks about a fancy elegant character related to the Turkish screen, the image of Nebahat Çehre comes in mind.
An actress who succeeded in preserving her charisma with several generations is not only a source of inspiration but a symbol of pride.



Nebahat is one of the rare actresses who worked on staying relevant to each role and story, no matter when.
The Turkish audience has known her for a long time ago, since the time of black and white images, since the era of Yeşilçam, an age of vintage, retro, classics vibes in Turkish cinema.

The international audience discovered Nebahat as Miss Turkey 1960 and in Aşk-ı Memnu, one of the most famous and prosperous Turkish Tv Series. She played the role of Firdevs Yöreoğlu, a widow of high society with a gold digger reputation who has two daughters, whose youngest is married to one of the richest men of Istanbul.
The audience did not only witness Nebahat’s outstanding performance as Firdevs but also her sense of Fashion.



Nebahat gave such an attractive style of elegance to Firdevs that the audience tended to forget about her villain intentions.
Her name has always connected elegance to feminity to the screen, even if she is not playing a glamorous role.



Knowing that her style is distinguished outside the set as well, Nebahat has always looked good, even if it’s while crossing the street.
Her outfits are a lesson to each woman who forgets to take care of herself after a certain age.

The year 2020 might represent unfortunate events, but Nebahat exactly knew how to leave an optimistic, beautiful mark in the calendar.



She has launched a clothing collection of several pieces to promote her style and encourage women to wear it.
Nebahat has revealed the clothing pieces through a flawless photoshoot, and the fact of being the model herself has only added credibility to the fashion collection.

We are in love with each button, zip, pocket in her collection. She has introduced clothes that perfectly represent her style, and that will eventually add a touch of chicness to any woman who wears them.
We definitely wish Nebahat invests in a clothing brand because the world of Fashion needs such a move.



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