Greetings Classy People,

In a Materialistic world, people understand that only money can buy their happiness. Therefore, their minds block when they try to think about having fun without paying an entrance to a specific place or to book a ticket for a particular event.

Each person is perfectly able to invest efforts to organize an activity by gathering several individuals and create happiness.
Diving in this mindset, Zohra, Zineb, and I thought of one popular outdoor venture that we gave up on while growing up.



Both our families use to organize picnics in the ’90s, so we all have similar memories of how we had fun and enjoyed our days.
Circumstances due to Covid-19 have been reminding us of how much we missed being outside. So, a picnic was the PERFECT DECISION!

It’s often unusual to plan a picnic at the beach, but we have considered it because of summer.



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