Hello Classy People,

Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz attending Fashion events is evidence of style. She is indeed privileged for being born in a family with a high social class and rich financial background. But, are they the only reasons behind the interest of the international Fashion industry in her?

Money and high social status are not enough factors to have style and class. Being born with a silver spoon in the mouth doesn’t guarantee charisma and elegance.
Princess Deena has expressed her love for Fashion by creating D’NA years ago, a concept store that has risen to highlight the voice of Fashion Designers in the Middle East and internationally.



It might seem culturally shocking to some minds with limited knowledge of women from Arab and Muslim backgrounds. We are living in a world today where we can barely see and feel huge differences between Western and Eastern profiles. Therefore, a Saudi Arabian woman like Deena is effortlessly able to own a significant position in the international Fashion industry and be the source of many styling trends.


We love how Deena carries herself in Fashion weeks. Her looks are outstanding because she knows which types of outfits highlight her short hairstyles and personality.
Most of the time, she wears skirts and can easily combine them with pieces to pull out both feminine and fierce looks.

Her active appearances and social networks within the international Fashion industry have allowed the audiences to have extended cultural consciousness and a flash of completely different window lightning the Western’s comprehension about the Middle East.



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