Goodmorning Classy People,
It became so confusing for people visiting Marrakech for the first time to find authentic guidance to visit historical locations.
Private projects enveloped in a traditional Moroccan decoration are so many to the point of misleading visitors, so we gladly recommend the top must-visit sites.


The mindblowing Moroccan architecture of this place will encourage you to take pictures in every corner. It’s spacious, so you are not glued to a group of tourists, and it has a museum to gain enough details to feed the curiosity.


A few minutes away from EL BADII PALACE, this place is colorful!
In addition to the architecture, you will explore the interior Moroccan traditional work on the floor, walls, and roof.
From Zelij to Andalusian gardens, you will discover the living areas adopted by Moroccans for years.


You will see one of the historical schools to prove the interest of Moroccans in knowledge and intellect.
The architecture is breathtaking. It senses like a blend between the EL BADII PALACE and BAHIA PALACE, and the stories of students who dedicated their all to elevate as decent individuals within their families and society.

With the cultural heritage from the Saadi dynasty, you will witness the beautiful way of Morocco to preserve a precious part of its history through luxurious interior designs.
Members of Morocco’s monarchs are buried and celebrated by sightseers who pray for their souls with each visit.


A museum to praise Moroccan art and artists.
This place is one of the freshest in Marrakech because of its continuous updates.
An enriching experience to touch the Moroccan culture up close and understand traditions throughout the exhibited artwork.


A large water basin where it is a living for different species of fishes surrounded by the way to a minaret built during the Saadian dynasty.
Moroccan families have embraced this site as a picnic destination, so it’s a blast to relax under the shadow of the thousand olives tree plated in the Menara Gardens.



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