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Who is this madly in love couple who doesn’t wish for a romantic getaway?
Taking your lover’s hand and traveling is one of the most romantic and bold actions of all times.
The final destination must deserve every effort of the couple’s relationship. It must be a place full of romantic vibes, where the seduction between one another is more intense than gravity.


Any city in Italy will pass the test of romantic vibes, so close your eyes and put your finger anywhere on the map.
Saint Valentine is from Italy, so the 14th of February is perfect for an Italian getaway with your soulmate.
Italy is known for its beautiful weather, excellent food, and several artistic events.


It sounds cliché, but it’s a fact. Paris is one of the best romantic destinations on earth.
This city has been working for years to gain such a reputation. From kissing in any angle of the Eiffel tour to making out in a Parisian hotel room, intimacy is present even in public places.
The lights at night can only encourage you to go out for a romantic walk or dinner, and the music playing almost everywhere drives your mood to love intoxication.


The Moroccan city that charms couples with its orientalism vibes is one of the top wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world.
All Marrakech hotels are careful to maintain the typical traditional Moroccan design and decoration, which makes every couple feel like the Royals of an ancient oriental fairytale.
On the contrary to other cities, room service at a Marrakech hotel can be one of the most romantic moments a couple can have during their stay.
A lazy morning with brunch in bed, and then getting on a carriage to witness the sun sets between palm trees is one of the ways lovers spend their day in Marrakech.



Known for the city of chocolate, Bruges is one cozy destination for reserved lovers.
It’s a quiet mature place for couples who like to party and be hippies all the time, so this city is more for classy and chic lovers. Famous for being named VENISE OF THE NORTH by many visitors, Bruges offers exquisite romantic moments.
Many buildings offer a panoramic view of their tops, therefore a reason to pop a bottle of champagne and kiss. Attending a chocolate workshop and tasting the diversity of food are two activities to explore with love.


Getting on a boat to explore the surprises of the day, attending a session of tango to keep up the flame, and not returning to the hotel before five in the morning is one of the days a sexy couple can enjoy during this getaway.
Culturally know for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Buenos Aires is about wild exotic lovers. The vibes of tango are passionate, so no place for sweet soft couples.









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