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Nora Fatehi just dropped the first sheet of her career! She is already indeed quite famous in India and Morocco, but the majority doesn’t know for what?
According to what Nora spread in the majority of her interviews, she is a Canadian girl who applied to different casting calls and luckily she ended up signing with an agency. Miss Fatehi wanted to reach a spot in front of the camera, whatever works from modeling to singing.
Entertainment in India was accessible for Nora, so she started to work very hard in order to be noticeable. Whoever abroad hears about a camera in India will automatically link it to Bollywood, but Nora didn’t fully cross that line yet!


She was pretty much active in reality shows, and then was called to be an item girl in Bollywood which is not really the journey of an A-Lister.
In October 2018, a larger softbox illuminated her life when she dropped her dancing video on Saad Lamjarred’s song GHAZALI.


The moments of glory were lining up for Nora, starting with the crazy Moroccan fan base that she gained.
Bollywood looked at her as an item girl who attracts numbers, so a new decision was made: Nora will dance on remakes of old Bollywood hits!
She did well by accepting because it turned to be one of the best decisions of her life and so she confirmed stepping into a new journey.



Nora gathered her Indian contacts and linked them with her Moroccan ones to create the Arabic version of DILBAR (One of the remade Bollywood hit), and so she won a professional relationship with Moroccan director Abderrafia Abdioui.


Today, Nora drops her new single PEPETA with Ray Vanny by posting the music video directed by Abderrafia Abdioui online. WE LOVE IT!
Nora might not have Adele’s vocals, but she is a singer born in 2019 which means it’s ok as long as they manage to give her an acceptable voice in the studio.
She dances as she pleases, we can clearly see that Nora is in her element! The beat and the moves are made for her, it is so beautiful to see her doing what she must do more.
We definitely see Nora’s career in this bubble, she sure must focus on singing in English and dropping at least 2 videos in a month for the next 3 years.



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