Hello Classy People,

The world has witnessed so much, and people have seen an uncountable roller coaster of events in the year 2020!
Before the Coronavirus situation, each one of us seemed to be busy. Whether it’s working on conquering a lover, planning a wedding, searching for a job, investing in a career, every one of us was distracted and focused on a particular goal to achieve.


The pandemic has not only clicked on the pause button but revealed the vibe of THE END OF THE WORLD. Therefore, lots of people renounced being distracted by whatever they were doing, and they start more focusing on other things.

Other things that a logic analyzes would describe primary because they are what people chose to hold on to during troubled times.
So, after months of observations, we see that the majority’s direction leans towards basics and fundamental issues.
Whether it’s within the small community as one’s family or a larger image as one’s country, people are questioning everything.



Now that the majority is less busy because they gave up on their earlier distractions, such as having a full-time job, they seem to be freer to explore their selves.
People are getting to know themselves along with others. No matter how old they are, they seem to have more time to stop and have a look within and around them.

So is how we explain the principal reason behind the manifestations and tensions around the world. The problems provoking every vibrant pressure and stress anywhere is not new, but the attention giving to it is brand-new.
People have more free time right now to focus on the base while they were distracted earlier with what instituted already.



What’s happening is similar to being on a train passing by places but not having the time to contemplate them until stopping and stepping outside.
The year 2020 has permitted people to step outside the train they were on for so many years.

Politicians who are not skilled at representing anybody, people not accepting each other because of their appearance, and chefs of governments discriminating against their minorities. These are NOT NEW behaviors, but the public seems to react quickly and strongly today more than any time.

A rebirth, a global cleaning, or any other accurate description of what this year is starting will last as long as people have the time for their reflections.
















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