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Eyeliner is one lifechanging step while applying makeup. It doesn’t only define the eye but also changes the overall look.
Famous for being used a lot in ancient Egypt, especially by people from high society, the beauty industry understood its importance and produced various versions of it.

All types of eyeliners are useful and give lovely results. You need to try them and see which one seems to fulfill the desire of your abilities.
Classy Addiction is happy to share a chart to help you out learn about distinguishing what the market offers, and what each type might encourage you to achieve.


Inspired by the Indian and Eastern cultures, it usually comes in a black pigmented pencil to create intense darkness around, in, or on the eye.
But note that the traditional one is a black powder that you can apply using your fingertips or a special wooden stick.


Mechanical Twist Up Eyeliner.
A modern version of the pencil KOHL that doesn’t need a sharpener, and might seem like a practical solution, but it’s not because it limits you in having different shapes of lines during the application.


GEL or CREAM Eyeliner.
Inspired by the traditional method of employing KOHL, it usually comes with a kit of two tools: The pigmented creamy product and its thin brush to apply it.
This product is not dry such as the KOHL, so its texture allows your eye to look hydrated.


This wet version of the Gel Liner needs the most flexible technique while applying it, and some extra seconds to dry correctly.
It is the perfect product to use to create different shapes of lines, especially when it comes to lifting their tail at the later canthus.
It can be in a small pot with a pointed brush dipped inside or as a pencil also called the Felt-tip liner.



The original liner is BLACK, but now all colors are available due to the beauty industry.







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