Hello Classy People,

Women Empowerment, Girls Power, and other hashtags have been trending so much for the past ten years. Feminism and anti-patriarchy titles are written internationally by activists to encourage women’s leadership.

Each country might give different rights and understanding of women’s freedom, but no one will ever know better than women themselves.
WOMEN is a plural of different individuals called WOMAN, so each one must be free to define herself, her comfort zone, and her freedom.


When it comes to physical appearance, no dress code defines a women’s empowerment as long as she’s the one choosing for herself. Therefore, no one is allowed to discriminate against a woman’s choice under the excuse of defending freedom.

Lainey Molnar has been defending such ideology by providing expressive artwork. Her illustrations influence women and men to not stand against each other and to accept one another no matter the race, skin color, or faith.


Lainey’s illustrations are clean and clear, so no confusion has the chance to settle in anyone’s mind.
A woman wearing a hijab must respect a woman wearing a bikini, and vice versa. Men will eventually follow when they will feel that women are standing for one another despite their flagrant differences.

Women defining independence and strength by compensating under FEMALE BOSS or WOMAN BOSS hashtags because they work outside the house must respect women who determine self-sufficiency and force by staying at home, and the other way round.


Tolerance and the acceptance of differences is one of the most effective reasons behind each individual’s growth, so embracing and promoting them can only push society towards improvement.



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