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Radical changes didn’t wait much to happen!
A few days after the new year, the world of social media has known some reforms.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp belong to the same owner, even tho he didn’t create them all, but he managed to buy them.
Monopolizing the world of social media, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to own Twitter, Snapchat, or TikTok to allegedly have access to people’s professional and personal data internationally!

The creation of Facebook was exciting! It was the reason behind people adopting the mentality of social media.
Everyone enjoyed sharing different private and public content and staying connected with people of the world.

Smartphones helped the popularity and efficiency of social media, and people seem to be depending on it a lot.

Year after the other, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp gathered the highest number of subscribers, so Mark starts thinking of combining them by integrating their technical infrastructure.
Today, people who only own an account on Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp are not different than others who have them all because their information is automatically available everywhere.


Courtesy : Tracy Le Blanc

Year after the other, these Apps have been changing their settings and wanting to know more about their subscribers.
It started with the obligation of uploading a profile picture, to insert a phone number, and then to link Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts with one another.


WhatsApp being the most personal app of them all because it has access to your number and allows you to communicate with your contacts through calls, voice messages, and videos, is now wanting more!

The new year arrived with new rules, and because the consumers never said no and barely read the conditions and updates of an app, WhatsApp is trying to break some limits.

WhatsApp wants to know the brand and the type of your phone, the state of your battery, the chat groups you are integrating, the financial activities, and a list of many others.

WhatsApp today is allegedly threatening its consumers to take down their profiles if they don’t apply new updates!

Tired of what social media have been taking advantage of people’s dependence, consumers from all over the world came to a united conclusion.
Use an App as long as it’s reasonable with its privacy terms, and uninstall it to use another if it crosses the limits.

The availability of apps in 2021 is a hundred times more than a few years back, so the choices are many!
The consumers have been faithful to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp because they are the parents of social media, so they were connected to them for years, but today they had enough!

48h after WhatsApp announced their new terms, Millions of consumers left it for SIGNAL!

In the world of business, power drops with money. Therefore, WhatsApp knew a severe fall and is doing everything to save the situation, but consumers are determined. Moreover, some of them are even looking for alternatives to Facebook and Instagram.



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