Hello Classy People,

Morocco is emerging as a country in several fields despite the pandemic vibes which proves the strength of its potential.
From the many projects made by Moroccans, SHEMSI is beautifully rising.
Founded by Dahlia, SHEMSI is a brand producing the first Moroccan menstrual panties.


A woman during her period needs extreme comfort and the safest hygiene, so is what pushes many products over the years to fulfill her demands.
From a hot-water bag to a stock of pads and tampons, a woman’s bathroom cabinet hides a hamper of period’s products.

SHEMSI is created by a woman for women, so the spark of credibility is satisfying. It slams pads and tampons because they are harmful to women’s health and the planet.
It is currently not possible to manufacture sanitary napkins without fossil raw materials and plastic. Tampons are up to 6% plastic, and sanitary napkins can be made with up to 90% petroleum-based plastic.
On average, around the world, 45 billion sanitary pads are thrown away each year.
Washable and reusable, a Shemsi product is no waste.
It provides a sustainable solution by considerably reducing the environmental impact of disposable hygienic protections.


SHEMSI encourages women to readjust their period’s hamper by giving up pads and tampons to adopt panties!
SHEMSI’s panties are made from technological fabrics anti-humidity and anti-leakage, soft and breathable.
Made of cotton, bamboo fiber, elastane, nylon, polyester, and PUL (laminated polyurethane).
All the materials used in the brief are certified according to the STANDARD 100 standard of OEKO-TEX®.
This certification means that each component is thoroughly tested and certified for its ecological safety.
Also, they do not contain any silver nanoparticles or even copper. The fabrics used do not contain any substance that is harmful to the body or the environment.


SHEMSI is inviting Moroccan women and else to participate in encouraging one another of having the most comfortable and healthiest period EVER, so CLICK and learn how it’s done.


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