Greetings Classy People,

She is one of the most fashionable figures in Marrakesh. Whoever is from Marrakesh or lived in the city since the 90s knows that Ouafae symbolizes style and chicness.
Whether she is invited to an event or doing her grocery shopping, Ouafae unfailingly dresses to the nines.

Originally from Fes, Ouafae falls in love and marries her husband and the father of her children in Marrakesh. Working in the beauty business entitled her to dress up according to her fashionable style.

Being present at work every day with everything done from head to toe is a power. Being representable and stylish every day everywhere doesn’t occur to everybody, but Ouafae is always determined not to give up this side of her personality.

Growing under the wings of such a woman will inspire Meryem, Ouafae’s daughter, to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
Meryem started her interest in fashion at a very young age and flourished to form her style, distinguished from her mother’s.
The mother-and-daughter chic duo embellished through the years to open ATELIER44.

Atelier44 is a house of fashion and beauty made in Morocco.
Ouafae has forever supported Moroccan designers and is today beyond thrilled to own a store where they can expose their work.
Ouafae believes wearing clothes means wearing an identity, confidence, and concrete ideas. Wearing an outfit made by a designer’s brand isn’t even comparable to wearing clothes made in factories.

Upgrading our style and physical appearance is not defined as visual attraction. It expresses that we are handling ourselves and valuing our uniqueness.
Wearing a piece from Moroccan designers and brands is our responsibility as Moroccans and anyone who treasures the culture.

Unique pieces reflect our reality as human beings in this world. No one resembles another, so there is no reason to dress alike. Styling tips are beneficial guides to maintain harmony in the looks, but copying an outfit is never a good idea.
Atelier44 promotes unique pieces and exhibits apparel choices from different Moroccan creators while it exposes its house collection every season.
Mother and daughter wanted to share their passion for fashion by joining the world of producing clothes. Atelier44, the concept store of Moroccan fashion, also became the brand of Ouafae and Meryem.

Atelier44 contributes to uplifting social lifestyle in Morocco by dressing up unprivileged young women attached to their studies and willing to build their careers. Every year, the concept store refreshes these girls’ wardrobes so they can feel influential and secure regarding their appearance.


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