Greetings Classy People,

Dounia feels very honored to contribute to the worldwide promotion of Moroccan culture through her brand of interior and deco. It was always essential for her to tell the stories behind each product of her designs.

Since the launch of Folks & Tales, Dounia has been sensitively thinking about bringing fair trade opportunities to Moroccan artisans, especially after observing many foreigners exploiting Moroccan culture.
She mentions that whitewashing is a real issue. It feels revolting to see companies who exploit artisans through unfair standards and loot cultures without giving credit where it’s due.

Since starting Folks &Tales, Dounia senses much more connection to her cultural heritage. She spends a lot of time as the brand’s creative director on designs, so her source of inspiration is Morocco’s History, beauty, and artistic symbols.

A Part of Folks & Tale’s identity is researching all that Morocco offers in handcrafted textiles, from weaving to embroidery.
For that, Dounia ensures that her brand collaborates with Moroccan artisan entrepreneurs instead of hiring employees to celebrate ethical partnerships and grow together.

As a homebody, Dounia has always been passionate about ways to make a space aesthetically comfortable, welcoming, and sophisticated. She founded Folks & Tales because, as a consumer, she couldn’t find ethical home textiles that creatively explored Moroccan craftsmanship.

Morocco has an incredibly diverse wealth of exceptional know-how that would bring a touch of warmth and color to any interior. Nothing beats a masterfully crafted Amazigh rug to structure a living room or a handwoven wool pillow to dress a sofa.
At Folks & Tales, Dounia offers textiles that bring a Moroccan touch while seamlessly blending in any modern space by mixing traditional patterns, textures, and materials with contemporary color palettes and design philosophy.

Folks & Tales online store is open to shoppers worldwide, but most customers are from Europe and North America. Dounia finds it easier to connect with Moroccan customers through the
brick-and-mortar channel by partnering with retailers and hosting pop-up events.
Dounia is happy to get more interest from Moroccan customers, especially millennials who are more interested in sustainability, social justice, and showcasing their cultural identity in more creative digital ways.

Illy Lumbar Pillow is Folks & Tales best-selling product. It is handwoven by artisans of the Atlas Mountains. Dounia thinks people love this piece because of its uniquely oversized shape and minimalist design. It subtly incorporates a beautiful Amazigh pattern on a natural ivory wool canvas.


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