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June is ending, but its LOST NOMADS memories shall live forever!
Morocco, like many countries, knew sad months during the pandemic, so everyone is now seeking to recharge festive batteries.

The benefits of a music festival are a gift of a growing life experience. People do not only enjoy the artists they like but also discover new ones who might become part of their life’s soundtrack.
The LOST NOMADS FESTIVAL guide friends who accompany each other and the thousands of strangers with whom they blend to share songs, dances, and laughter. There is nothing like living an experience of these characteristics as a festive community, creating feelings of belonging and unbreakable bonds.

Lost Nomads is a unique and magical meeting point for an exclusive community of people looking for new experiences around music. The concept is an unforgettable ceremony with talented international artists in an environment completely different from the usual.
Agafay is the address of LOST NOMADS, one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Whoever visits it does not forget it.
It is an environment that seems to stretch to infinity, endowed with spectacular views of the majestic Atlas Mountains, such an ideal place to lose and find yourself at the same time.

The organizers of Lost Nomads would love for people to approach this experience with an open mind. The will to let go, free the mind from prejudices and preconceived ideas, and enjoy like never before.

Morocco has welcomed the festival with open arms. On the one hand, they know the deep respect that the organization has for the country and Moroccans. The festival team is working hand in hand with local professionals. And on the other hand, Lost Nomads can be a good boost for tourism.
The organizers state their commitment to Morocco by reserving a line-up to include Moroccan DJs. The festival will always feature a cast of local artists. They want Lost Nomads to act as a megaphone for making the incredible electronic scene in Morocco visible throughout the world.

The festival stands on a famous sentence: FIND YOUR SOUL IN THE DESERT.
Since its inception, the festival has the ultimate context that allows the attendees to expand their five senses to the beat of the most evocative electronic music. Get them to experience freedom in the middle of nature, to let themselves go and forget the routine and the day-to-day chores, and with it, get them to reconnect with themselves, with their inner peace, in short, with their soul.

One of the main differences with other music festivals in Morocco is the program. The number of chosen artists in LOST NOMADS is extremely limited since the organizers are creating a world for the public to live a musical experience like never before.
The audience is the highest priority, so they pick whoever artist will be positive for their mood, not because he is famously a celebrity. They want people to live a unique experience and, above all, to do it as comfortably as possible.
The Lost Nomads Festival has enabled accommodation packs with a wide variety of modalities that adapt to the different needs that attendees may have, such as the arrangement of several buses from Marrakech and delicious local cuisine in a specially designed souk.

LOST NOMADS wants to serve social work in Morocco by developing a social program for the local communities of the Agafay desert.
One such way of doing this is by establishing a nomadic souk during the festival where locals from the Atlas Mountains can sell their handmade crafts.
And collaborating with Travel Link Foundation to organize access to a medical van provides people from the nearby village with free check-ups and pharmacy products to take care of their physical wellbeing.


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