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Tailoring from head to toe is the driving force of the brand TAILORS, of which the initial goal is to make women feel confident anywhere and everywhere.
The brand created by Nadia Bouaida, who reflects her ideologies about business through each TAILORS clothing piece, is inspired by politics and business.
Nadia uses her expertise to feed the Moroccan fashion market with comfortable empowering tailoring that looks feminine and well blended into the masculine territory.

TAILORS was born after the first covid lockdown, so it was during those uncertain times that Nadia was able to establish the brand online. It wasn’t just about making clothes but the distinguishment of working on professional customer service. The brand is literally present and behind customers at every step.

TAILORS has two signature pieces. The first one is a head-to-toe tailored blazer and trousers from the first collection, a look that represents what tailors is about and is a piece that blurs the gender lines perfectly. The second piece is the beige trench overcoat. This trench is THE best seller because customers are obsessed with it.
From all the TAILORS collection, anyone can effortlessly notice the permanent existence of blazers, so Nadia explains that they represent fashion independence for women. A way to define womanhood in a world where clothing is becoming less gendered. It is a piece that symbolizes power, confidence, and diversity of style.

Fashion in Morocco represents diversity! We will always have many kinds of customers and see different styles in cities like
Casablanca and Marrakech, where streets are full of
traditional style contrasted with foreign ones.
Based on the contrast, Nadia sees fashion in Morocco as a representation of hope and opportunities.
Fashion is growing with each generation, and the new one today is willing to dress up innovatively by choosing unusual pieces. This generation also employs social media as their creative outlet, which is beneficial for fashion.
Although it is an industry that generates a lot of money for Morocco, Fast-Fashion is not the vocation of TAILORS. Nadia believes in Slow-Fashion, and her business model relies on producing small quantities. This strategy allows the brand to control its channels of distribution and enables focusing
on quality, so pieces are made to last and withstand time.

We have all changed our ways of dressing and shopping during the pandemic. The moment we can see fashion as a field of experiment and play, that is when we can fully explore our style. People nowadays are whether dressing up for a traditional purpose like going out or for a new one, such as posting a picture on social media.
TAILORS’ current Summer collection is 17 silhouettes introduced one after the other on Instagram.
The inspiration is the urban Moroccan woman, TAILORS creative director was inspired to design a collection that reflected the Morocco of his mind, a Morocco where independence
is a striving force, colors are bold, and tailoring is innovative.
The collection pays tribute to the iconic 1980s movie 9 to 5, one of the very first American movies to demonstrate that the working world is a world of women.
TAILORS has been working on this collection for weeks, and it is still not over!

Nadia states that people don’t often realize that the work is by a small team that can do almost everything. They work so intensely together that they become a tight-knit family which elevates each new collection.
It feels like they all share the moments of excitement, joy, and despair similarly, especially the happiness of watching results coming together.

Nadia wakes up every morning to advance TAILORS. She directs her binoculars to see beauty in anything, provoking the ability to take from that to create. Other than that, the customer’s desire keeps her thriving to do more. She adds that nothing can describe her sensation when seeing someone wearing TAILORS satisfied and willing to order more.

TAILORS is a brand that cherishes social work and is willing to contribute to social programs and activities soon. The brand sources local fabrics, and so are the product that is 100% Moroccan. Nadia watches over TAILORS to stay as sustainable as imaginable.


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