Greetings Classy People,

Hassan believes uniqueness is the freedom to design and wear things to express one’s thoughts and philosophy, plus the pleasure of sharing with people, so he launched his project HAS.

HAS is an acronym for the name HASSAN. He wanted it to be similar to his name because the project represents him.
The reason behind HAS is to unleash Hassan’s creativity and share it with the world, wishing that people find their wants in his products with fair quality and affordable prices.
Hassan offers ready-to-buy and personalized products because he loves it when his clients make creative choices.

HAS was born in 2020, and since then, Hassan has noticed favorable interactions regarding his project from Moroccans and tremendous support worldwide. He never stopped receiving motivating messages from day one, encouraging him to continue and innovate.

Printing a high-quality image on an object plays power regarding the outcome of the final product, so when clients want to send their pictures or any visual text, Hassan guides them for decent results. He explains that through his experience in this field, he always noticed that whenever a person focuses on the quality of the image and the consistency of its elements, he leaves a distinct first impression, which makes anyone gain customers trust.

Observing the sales of HAS since its beginning, Hassan detects that all products with Moroccan identity, especially the design of the Amazigh Khalala, are his bestsellers, leading him to deduce that Moroccans have close connections with their culture and country.
Hassan feels a priceless emotion in each of his designs. However, he has a favorite among all under the name KOLCHI FAYT.
The design is simple but carries a profound philosophical message.
Kolchi Fayt in Moroccan Darija means everything passes away.
This design reminds Hassan that life represents several stages that will all end one day. His love for the design is so high reaching, thoughts of tattooing it on his hand.

Hassan is also engaged in sharing his knowledge through HAS.
He is currently working in cooperation with a group of Moroccan artists on a collection of designs and products that reflect the diverse aesthetics of Moroccan culture, and plans include training upcoming generations on graphic design.


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