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Many Moroccans enjoy playing board games with relatives and friends, especially during holidays.

Schools also make sure to inculcate such a habit in their pupil activities.
Soumaya Chakir starts the brand PLAY WATAN by launching her first Moroccan cultural card game: Le Maroc en Couleurs, which means Colorful Morocco.

Soumaya always cherished the dream of creating a project related to Morocco, so she came up with the idea of creating a cultural card game.
She wanted a universal brand name, easily understood by all, so Play Watan fulfilled her desires. The word Play englobes the ludic approach, and Watan means a country in Arabic, so the glimpse into the patriotic side of her project is in the echo of the beautiful national anthem of Morocco.

From the age of six, children can play Le Maroc en Couleurs along with adults.

There are 400 questions and answers about three different themes :

  • Art and Sport
  • History and Nature
  • Culinary Experience and Traditions

Players have the option to form teams or play individually. The game has two levels of difficulty: the Explorateur and Haj for more expert players.

Le Maroc en Couleurs has been thought to allow its players to travel to Morocco, place by place, and highlighting various angles to improve each player’s knowledge about the kingdom.

Moroccans and each French language speaker are well welcoming Le Maroc en Couleurs, a chance to appreciate Morocco and love it.

Soumaya has the will to invest efforts in the future to make more Moroccan locals and foreigners enjoy her project by launching the game in Moroccan Darija, Amazigh, and English. She also holds the appetite to extend the range of Play Watan to produce more Moroccan games besides LES COULEURS DU MAROC.

Cultural card games and board games are primordial to developing our social skills as we enjoy as humans since our early childhood interacting and playing with others. These games help to improve people’s general knowledge through a ludic approach, which is a dynamic way to stimulate reasoning and enables learning in a fluid and efficient manner.


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