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Earrings have always been the most popular type of jewelry for many reasons. They not only elevate any outfit, but they also show personality and style.
Nowadays, many people work from home, and wearing earrings can help make zoom video meetings less boring. Adding a pop of color to the look for a fashionable statement, and the choices at Kenza Klay are endless.

Historically, earrings are a symbol of identification. It meant that a woman belonged to a specific tribe, a culture, or an indication of her status in society.
Kenza Klay intends to give freedom to women to express whatever they feel on a particular day or hour.

It all began during the pandemic when Kenza lost her home and job in Sweden, which made her return to live with her family in Casablanca.
A turning point in her life because she had no goal in mind when she started making polymer clay earrings.
One day, during the lockdown, Kenza began experimenting with clay to get out of her head and bring about a bit of joy and color to her own life. In a way, she was trying to reconnect with the child in her. Little did she know, this joy and color would spread to many lives.
Kenza Klay is more than an accidental journey borne from a circumstance. It is an ode to her younger self enveloped in a creative, curious, and carefree approach to life.

Femininity, Nature, and Architecture are her inspiration while working on shapes and colors. Polymer clay is a versatile material that requires working mainly with the hands, which is quite therapeutic. It is also something that Kenza likes to share with others, especially during workshops.

The Sea Shell earrings and the Phoenix earrings are the best-selling products because women choose what to buy based on their feelings in that instant. And their feelings are oriented toward these two particular products.
No matter how or what Kenza creates, she will always be inspired by Moroccan culture because that is who she is.

Colors are massively meaningful for Kenza. They reflect her moods which happen to match another woman’s style. Choosing colors has always been such an emotional decision, which means that she looks at the whole color wheel rather than sticking to trends like bright colors in summer and nude/dark ones in winter.
Moroccan women’s reaction has been so unexpectedly positive. Kenza is very grateful to have found a community that is not afraid of embracing bold styles. It is always an honor to see women wearing the designs, so she pinches herself to believe.

As a responsible designer, Kenza tries to be as sustainable as possible. She believes that her will to start making better choices for the environment and packaging is one way towards the goal. Another way is to not invest in mass production and focus on the uniqueness of each handmade product.

Kenza Klay is a new Moroccan project, so Kenza is still testing the market with new earring designs and workshops. She praises awareness around mental health, so she oriented the social path of her brand through it.


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