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Riding a bicycle was a famous action in Marrakech from the 60s to the 90s, and Moroccans from other cities were into different means of transportation.
A car, the principal rising vehicle of Moroccans since the 90s, is driven by nearly every working person living in the city.

Year after the other, the Moroccan lifestyle became pressured, and the vibes in big cities started to look like busy capitalist western ones, especially in CASABLANCA.
People in Casablanca are not only spending an amount of time from their lives inside a car, but they are becoming tired to even think of enjoying the streets otherways.

Despite calling her scary names and constantly associating her with dangerous facts, Casablanca is still one of the most magical cities in Morocco, so visiting it can only be a cultural enrichment.

Yassine Mdouari and co-founder Najwa Wadih thought of a way to bring freshness to Casablanca and help people see it in a beautiful aesthetic way, so they channeled ancient Morocco and created ALLO VELO.
Yassine explains that biking helps people to overcome stress and the city hassle. It changes anyone’s mood for the better.
Moroccans are welcoming ALLO VELO with tremendous support. They are excited to have the opportunity of biking without owning a bike in Casablanca.

Bikes are famous for being the most environment-friendly mean of transportation. It helps people to feel healthier as it releases happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.
Choosing to ride a bike for pleasure is cute, but people who start using it to reach their workplace are remarkably replacing the time spent sitting in the car during traffic with fruitful exercise.
Riding a bike is also more economical since the only fuel is the legs.

The picture looks dreamy, but the reality of Casablanca’s roads underlines challenges regarding space and safety.
Therefore Yassine clarifies to choose ideal roads for cycling as the route from Casa Port Railway station to Morocco mall.
Bikers must ride their bikes with extreme caution as long as they drive side by side with enormous and faster vehicles, even on perfectly designed roads.

ALLO VELO helps people to be bike riders as a group, so the outcome of motivation, organization, and orientation. Touring with many people also has the social benefit of building friendships with strangers.

Yassine encourages parents to teach their children how to ride a bike and tells adults that it’s never too late to learn. Allo Velo understands that each one comes from different life circumstances, so the team considers that no one must feel left out.

A mountain bike is Yassine’s favorite since it’s versatile and can resist nearly anywhere. It’s also light and often has a slick appearance. He appreciates all ALLO VELO rides, but he emotionally leans towards night rides, the moment when the sun shuts down, the lights are on, and the streets are less crowded. He says that It is a whole different feeling.

Cycling comes across as a solitary sport but reinforces the feeling of belonging to a community.
It has come to Yassine’s understanding that people are more excited to meet new people than ride a bike alone. Cycling is also a great icebreaker because it brings people from different social classes and generations to meet and share mutual aspects of living.


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