Greetings Classy People,

Everyone can let loose and let his creativity and artistry take the lead. After a trip to Germany, Hafida Akanour discovered the Shteiner educational method. She was obsessed with getting people together, Adults and Kids, through contact with arts and crafts.
She started studying a project inspired by the Shteiner educational method the instant she landed in Morocco.
Four months later, everything was evident, so a motivation to start recruiting and building a team.

The importance of having Fun Art Place workshops translates into different techniques that teach a certain level of organization and flow of actions and ideas.
We hear more and more about children with behavioral problems in school (lack of concentration, agitation, lack of self-confidence), and the same children are concentrated and involved when in contact with artistic and manual activities. Therefore the problem comes from the content transmitted and not from the children!

Even adults, for that matter. Society is conditioning us to believe that playing stops at a certain age so we can enter adulthood, but Fun Art Place puts such a mentality to shame.
Activities and workshops are essential for adults as much as kids. The founder swears by the wise words of Ursula K. Le Guin:  » The creative adult is the child who has survived. »
Moroccan adults are a very diverse and intricate group of people. They come from different backgrounds, so a disparity in their lifestyles, but one common point is the love for art and creativity that Hafida believes is the chore of Morocco.

Currently living in difficult times in which people are under enormous pressure due to several variables.
First of all, the economic crisis and then the pandemic. In addition to all the political conflicts surging worldwide, fun becomes a necessary escape from this harsh atmosphere to refresh mental and physical health.


Moroccans are very welcoming and open to innovative ideas, especially in Casablanca. Fun Art Place is no exception, the team certainly lacks its deserved notoriety at the moment, but they are continuously improving to attract as many people as possible.
The opening, of Fun Art Place across Morocco, is more of a vision than a dream, says Hafida.
The top three strategic choices would be Marrakesh, Tanger, and Agadir, but Fes and Rabat would be the choices closer to the hearts, an emotional preference.


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