Hello Classy People,

It is always exciting to do something for the first time, buying things we love in particular. The growth of makeup shopping is rising everywhere, and the temptations start the second you step into beauty stores.
Entering a beauty store without a list might lead you to a crazy regrettable shopping. Your first makeup shopping should be a lovely experience, so don’t mess it up.


MAKEUP BAG: This is the first item to put in your basket, it will preserve your products, and help you carry your makeup easily. A generous number of choices will be in front of you, but pick a medium size for this first shopping.


MASCARA: The first makeup product to get! Eyes reflect a person’s mood, so you need them awake and energetic. Enhance your eyelashes by investing in a good mascara.


DUO BROW BRUSH: An angled brush and spoolie. Brows are one of the most important facial features, so you don’t desire them bad. One significant touch to instantly add by correctly brushing the brows.


FILL IN THE BROWS: Choose a product to help you fill in the few hairs that might be missing in your brows. An EYEBROW CREAM in the corresponding color of your brows will complete this mission!


WORK ON YOUR BASE: Color correct your skin before applying foundation or concealer. Get a kit with a primer to be well-armed.


FOUNDATION and its brush: Choose the color that is not different from your skin tone and the texture according to your skin’s condition.


CONTOURING & HIGHLIGHT (With necessary brushes): Contouring is not optional if you get the foundation because it’s the touch that will help your facial features to stand out. The highlight is great to brighten the glow on your skin that has been killed by the foundation.


LIP COLOR: Whether it is a lipstick or a gloss. Choose these three: Red / Your skin color / Pink.



This first shopping didn’t cover everything you see on Youtube and Instagram but still covers everything a primary makeup case contains.
The beauty industry can easily absorb your pockets up, so be careful with your budget and consult the BEAUTY section of Classy Addiction for more tips!



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