Greetings Classy People,

Her name is Salwa, but throughout childhood, her family called her Lolly because they loved a bubbly TV character named Marry Lolly.
Salwa, the kid, adored making new things from what came into her hands. Working with her hands was an obsessive hobby that grew up with her.
Once adult, Salwa decides to knit and crochet, then sells her creations on Instagram entitled Crochet With Lolly.

Crocheting and knitting help Salwa to have a calm space where she can think clearly and focus on any movement in her life.
Moroccans first, then foreigners start to order from Crochet With Lolly because most people love handmade items.

After working on several pieces, Salwa understood her orientation towards fashion. Therefore, she concentrated on producing more clothing items and accessories, such as bags.
Her best-selling item is the Five Flowers Bag.
Many people ordered it, and they loved it very much.
Salwa thinks the love stems from the practical factor of the Five Flowers Bag. Most large bags available on the market are aesthetically unpleasant, so people get one with a pretty design when they see it.

Crochet With Lolly is about creativity.
Salwa doesn’t copy when producing her work but tries to compromise when people want personalized items.
Nothing makes her feel cheerful besides working on new projects where she puts love and fresh energy.

Crochet With Lolly support people who want to learn crochet, so Salwa is arranging to start workshops to teach her expertise and share her knowledge.

Today, Crochet With Lolly has many followers on Instagram, what helped Salwa consider upgrading it from a professional hobby to an official business.


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